Jessie's Closet

Board Members

Rev. Clint Augustyn

…serves as President of Jessie’s Closet Foster Child Resource Center. He and his wife held a foster license from 2009-2020. During that time they fostered many foster children and ended up adopting a half-dozen of them. He has a heart for foster families and the struggles they share. His day job is at Desert Grace Community Church of the Nazarene in the Foothills.



Daniel Delgado

…serves as the Vice-President of Jessie’s Closet. He and his wife Barb live in the Foothills with their two small dogs – the kids are all grown and out of the house. Together, they share an interest in adoption and foster care and have seen the impact that such families bring. Dan is retired and can grill a delicious steak!



Gretchen Dowding

…serves as the Treasurer of Jessie’s Closet. She and her husband Bill are retired and love to travel and hang out with their grandkids. After serving as a Marine and working her way up to Postmaster in the USPS, she keeps the bills paid. However, you’ll see her fingerprints on the center too as she loves to craft and to help in many ways … including ironing.



Sherry Oakley

…serves as a Director on the Jessie’s Closet board. Sherry is a solid administrator and retired from Friendsview Retirement Community in Newberg, OR. She and Jim love to hang out with others in their resort park here in Yuma and traveling to see family as far away as Wyoming. She is known for being a wise woman and a praying woman and is an incredible friend to those who know her.



Jessie’s Closet Staff

Karen Liles

…serves as the Store Director for the Center. You may remember her name if you have read through the history of Jessie’s Closet because she was the missions director who is one of the founders of this fantastic ministry. Karen has fallen in love with the foster families that we serve and is always working to make their experience in the Center ever-better. She has a lot of stories about Jessie’s Closet and the kids she has encountered here – just stop by and ask. As Store Director, she pretty much runs the day-to-day operations overseeing staff and volunteers here at the Closet.


…started out at Jessie’s Closet as a volunteer for many years before joining the staff. She has been a dedicated worker who is a fantastic part of our operations.


…also started out as a volunteer for the Center and quickly proved her value to the leadership and clients of the Center. She has experience with the foster care system and now is one of our primary cashiers.


…is a member of Desert Grace Community Church who spent many hours at Jessie’s Closet as a volunteer. She ultimately felt led to apply for an open position so that she could serve the Lord on a more consistent basis here at the Center.


…is one staff member you’ll almost never see. He comes in when the Center is closed and maintains the building and landscaping as the custodian. You may never see him working, but you probably notice what he has done.